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We deliver remote instructor-led training for thousands of students each year

Live Online training works in just the same way as our traditional face-to-face training, except it’s held online. Our instructors will lead the course while you participate from your office or home, saving time and money, this was especially important during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) when people were social distancing and working from home to remain safe.

We'll motivate your staff at remote locations

We're here to motivate your staff and we have years of experience in helping thousands of people embrace system change through remote instructor-led training. 

  • You are able to see the instructor in our studio presenting slides, demonstrations and writing on the whiteboard. We're even using 'green screen' technology to engage students and deliver a rich collaborative learning environment 
  • We can check understanding 
  • We have the ability to measure the attentiveness of students throughout the course
  • We have years of experience with thousands of students trained each year
  • Our Live Online training cuts the expense and inconvenience of travel while delivering solid results

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Webex Training Center 

Our Live Online training uses Webex Training Center to deliver an immersive hands-on lab experience for remote instructor-led training sessions.

Join a Test Webex Session

You should test that your computer is setup correctly before the training:

Join a Test Webex Session

You should enter your name, email address and the session password = TEST1

PLEASE NOTE: The test session runs Monday to Friday from 9am UK

If you experience any difficulty installing Webex, you can run it as a Temporary Application - see details here.

Recommendation: We strongly recommend that students attend Live Online training using a Microsoft Windows-based PC. Mobile devices, tablets and Mac OS are not natively supported for hands-on events. Attendees will be unable to take part in hands-on lab activities without Oracle Java 6 to 8 which is required for the Mac OS and is no longer installed by default. For the full list of system requirements please visit the Webex Meetings Suite System Requirements page.


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