PCMCS: Administrator On Demand Demonstration 1.1

This pre-sales demonstration only includes the first chapter from the course.

  • This self-paced on demand course is available for 90 days and includes 21 consecutive days of access to an Oracle Cloud environment and hands-on workshops to test your learning.
  • Keyteach instructors are available to answer questions and provide unlimited support to discuss any queries or problems that you may encounter. 
  • Instant access is available and you can pay by credit card or request an invoice as part of the checkout process. 

1.1 Course Introduction (02:54)


By completing this first chapter of the training you will now be able to recall the key elements of getting started with Oracle's Profitability and Cost Management Close Cloud Service (PCMCS).

Key learning points: 

  • Explore key components of PCMCS
  • Recall that to enhance profitability, businesses need to accurately measure, allocate, and manage costs and revenue.
  • Identify the basic dimensionality and data storage within a PCMCS application
  • Recall how allocations and drivers are used to calculate profitability
  • Explore how calculations are managed within PCMCS
  • Identify how Model Views can be used with allocated data
  • Explore the PCMCS interface
  • Discover the reporting capabilities of PCMCS
  • Review the Oracle EPM cloud services architecture