Hyperion Enterprise: Administrator
On Demand Training Course (90 days)

90 days

Hands-On Lab Environment
14 days - You will be able to undertake detailed hands-on workshops in Hyperion Enterprise

More About this Training Course
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Course Summary

This self-paced ‘on demand’ training course covers all aspects of being a system administrator with Oracle‘s Hyperion Enterprise. You’ll learn how to build and maintain statutory and management applicatons.

Learning Objectives

• Identify how to create and maintain Hyperion Enterprise applications.
• Explain how to update existing metadata and how to configure system dimensionality.
• Recognize how dimensions and member hierarchies are used to structure and analyze data.
• Recall how Microsoft Office Add-Ins can be used to perform data analysis.
• Implement individual user and group security settings.

Course Description

This comprehensive course addresses all aspects of being a system administrator for Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise - an advanced statutory and management reporting and consolidation system. Within Enterprise, you’ll discover how to load data from ledgers or manually input data using data entry schedules and spreadsheets.

Subscribers will discover how to calculate system data, adjust it using journals,consolidate run translations and will find out how to run financial reports. You will discover how to enter and load data from ledgers using LedgerLink or even FDM, and you will find out how to write formulas in Excel to import data to the Hyperion Enterprise database.

During this self-paced course, learners will explore how currency translations take place automatically between entities that report in different currencies. We also provide an in-depth exploration of the setup and management of intercompany transactions reported between entities that will be eliminated automatically during the consolidation process.

ubscribers will learn about alternative organizational structures and find out how to slice and pivot the Hyperion Enterpise data, however you like. The course explores how to use Excel to generate flexible reports and to query the database with Hyperion Retrieve, Hyperion Analyst and Smart View.

What is On Demand Learning?

Target audience

Implementation consultants and system administrators.

Build solid expertise in your own time at your convenience

Administrator On Demand training is our most robust and flexible self-paced training option gives you the benefits of an instructor-led experience with instant access to course materials that you can download and keep. The learning experience is highly interactive with hands-on lab access to the real software. We're available to provide personalised support to help you build solid expertise in your own time at your convenience. The content is video-based, with plenty of additional reading, whiteboard presentations and structured workshops to provide comprehensive and flexible learning.

What's included?

Your subscription gives you 90 days of access to the course materials. We also provide between 14 and 28 days of access to a live hands-on lab environment (subject to the course purchased). Once the lab has been made available it cannot be suspended. You can request a start date for access to your hands-on lab. You will use the same environment for all workshops in this course and these should be completed within your allocated hands-on lab reservation. If you need additional time, it's possible to purchase a Hands-On Lab Extension for an additional 14 or 28 days. 

Help from an Instructor

This is a self-paced course and you should be able to watch the videos and navigate through the course on your own. If you experience any difficulties or would like an opportunity to ask questions of our instructors, we will be happy to help. Please note that whilst we provide unlimited personalised support, we cannot provide one-to-one tuition across the entire course. We will respond to any request for assistance as soon as possible and within one working day (24 hours).

Hands-On Lab Terms and Conditions

Your subscription is for an named individual and students should not share access to the course or distribute the course materials under any circumstances. Keyteach will monitor the use of the course and the associated hands-on lab and we reserve the right to cancel access to the course (without notice) if we believe it is in use by more than one named user.


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