Hosted E-Learning


More than 17,000 students

Keyteach provides Hosted Learning Environments (HLEs) for custom E-Learning packages to track the performance of over 17,000 students. The Hosted Learning Environments track progress and provide assessment exams and certification for your users. This ensures measurable uptake and consistent competency across your user communities. 


Keyteach hosts all learning environments from our state-of-the-art data centre in the UK. We offer 98.7% uptime and monitor performance around the clock. Students are typically granted access to your secure learning environment through email domain validation on an automated basis.  


The benefits of E-Learning

In our experience, approximately 10-20% of an EPM / BI user base will change on an annual basis, so self-paced multimedia E-Learning training provides a compelling, renewable and re-useable resource for getting new users on board.

SCORM compliant

Our online training is SCORM compliant and can be hosted within your own Learning Management System (LMS) or by Keyteach in a custom- branded portal that provides secure access.

Please contact us for more information or for a demonstration of what we can offer.