PBCS: Key User E-Learning
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PBCS: Key User (inc Smart View) E-Learning (5 hours) 

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This E-Learning package is designed for key users of PBCS who interact with either the simplified interface or Smart View.

5 hours

Independent study (self-paced E-Learning 24 month subscription)


Large scale packages
Please contact us if you are considering an E-Learning package for a large or unlimited number of users.

Please note
E-Learning subscriptions are for a specific period of time for named users. E-Learning subscriptions are not transferrable to other users under any circumstances. Please read our terms and conditions before purchasing an E-Learning subscription. Our comprehensive E-Learning packages are subscription-based and deliver up-to-date interactive content, ideal for structured learning or as an ongoing source of reference for any user of Oracle’s PBCS.

Learning objectives

Gain an insight into the features and capabilities of this cloud-based solution and understand fundamental concepts that underpin business planning processes, such as the use of drivers to streamline the planning cycle. 

Course description
Learn to navigate the key user components and understand the transformation of source data that can be loaded to PBCS. Find out about manual data entry techniques such as editing, adjusting and spreading data across multiple time periods and gain an understanding of how key calculations are performed using business rules. Discover how currency translation takes place and explore the approvals process. Students will find out how to use Sandboxes and how to copy data between different versions to capture snapshots of their plans. The course also explores the use of Smart Forms and provides an understanding about how to schedule tasks that may need to run at specific times. Students will also find out more about the powerful analysis tools available within PBCS such as Financial Reports, dashboards and Ad Hoc Analysis.

Detailed course agenda

Download the detailed course agenda for this E-Learning package:

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