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Published 04-MAR-19 

Keyteach has a vast and growing number of videos available to view free of charge on our YouTube channel.


Watch extensive videos to enhance your Oracle EPM knowledge for free. We’re always adding more videos and our subscribers are the first to see new content and find out more about the world of Oracle Hyperion EPM on-premise and cloud solutions.



Published 27-FEB-19 

Keyteach is delighted to announce the availability of ‘On Demand’ training for Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service PBCS Administrator.

This is robust self-paced learning with instant access that's highly interactive and includes hands-on lab access to the real EPM cloud environment.

- Implementation consultants and design teams
- System administrators

We understand there are times when fitting in scheduled classroom training can be difficult. That’s why we’ve launched a new type of in-depth training that’s specifically designed for flexibility. This effective ‘training-on-the-go’ means you won’t need to wait for classroom training. Instead, you can work at your own pace from anywhere in the world at any time.

Keyteach instructors are available to provide unlimited personalised support to help you build solid expertise in your own time at your convenience. The content is video-based, with plenty of additional reading, whiteboard presentations and structured workshops to provide comprehensive and flexible learning.

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Poland on premise

Posted 21-FEB-19

A huge thank you to Jan Mitchell, Graeme Gibson and the entire Keyteach team who've been in Warsaw, Poland this week and have just trained 94 students on Oracle's HFM.

Keyteach is still committed to the Oracle EPM on-premise community – it’s not all about the cloud!

We still have plenty of training options available for on-premise software including On Demand and scheduled instructor-led courses for:

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Regular Planning

Published 22-FEB-19

Keyteach have just released an extensive regular schedule of system administrator courses for Hyperion Planning in the US, Europe and UK.

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We have plenty of training options available for on-premise software including On Demand and scheduled instructor-led courses for:


Published 12-FEB-19 by Keyteach

Good luck to Matt Kerslake and the Keyteach team in Malaysia this week delivering onsite Oracle EPM training for over 60 students.

We have the widest portfolio of training courses for Oracle EPM solutions and we love taking our courses on the road.

We’re happy to deliver a bespoke mix of courses to meet your exact training needs and we can deliver the training in a time frame that fits with the availability of your team. Whether you need to brush up on scripting for an EPM product or have new starters that need to start from scratch, we can tailor our training solutions to hit the mark - perfectly.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located or what you need to learn, Keyteach can provide professional, in-depth training, across the range of Oracle EPM on-premises software and EPM cloud-based solutions. Our customers trust Keyteach to deliver quality training to unlock the return on investment they’ve made in financial systems.

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