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System administrators, developers and implementation consultants

Learning objectives

Discover how EPMware can help transform the management of master data and data governance within the enterprise. Find out how to deliver a single central view of metadata for use by a broad community of business users through real-time technology, compliant with dynamic business processes and audit requirements.

Course description

Discover how to build and extend an end-to-end scalable workflow within EPMware. Learn how to import existing metadata, configure shared dimensions, make metadata requests and route them through a customised approval and deployment process. Define workflows to control master data management and data governance. Explore the use of the Logic Builder for building calculated details, such as derived properties or validations.

See how EPMware can integrate seamlessly with Oracle's Cloud services and on-premises applications such as HFM, Essbase and Hyperion Planning. Understand the process of importing and deploying metadata and discover how dimension hierarchies can be edited and extended. Explore the EPMware security model and learn how workflows can be tailored through the use of Security Classes. Find out how property values can be edited as part of formal tracked requests that tie into a defined approvals process.

Students will also learn more about how custom properties can be created to track non-standard details, as well as how properties can be derived from other available metadata and understand how PL/SQL scripts can be used to customise a workflow.


Hands-On Labs

Your subscription gives you 90 days of access to the course materials. We also provide 14 days of access to a live hands-on lab environment. Once the lab has been made available it cannot be suspended and will be available for a minimum of 14 consecutive days. You can request a start date for access to your hands-on lab. You will use the same environment for all workshops in this course and these should be completed within 14 days. It is possible to purchase a Hands-On Lab Extension for an additional 14 days. Keyteach will monitor the use of the hands-on lab and we reserve the right to cancel access to the course (without notice) if we believe it is in use by more than one named user.

Help from an Instructor

This is a self-paced course and you should be able to watch the videos and navigate through the course on your own. If you experience any difficulties or would like an opportunity to ask questions of our instructors, we will be happy to help. Please note that whilst we provide personalised support, we cannot provide one-to-one tuition across the entire course.  We will respond to any request for assistance within one working day (24 hours). 

Detailed course agenda / Justification for your manager

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Named Users

This course is copyright © Keyteach Limited 2017. Your subscription is for an named individual and students should not share access to the course or distribute the course materials under any circumstances. Keyteach will monitor the use of the course and the associated hands-on lab and we reserve the right to cancel access to the course (without notice) if we believe it is in use by more than one named user.