New Implementations

From courses for Project Teams, IT professionals and System Administrators to fully customised, business-process oriented user training, we're the global authority in developing custom training to support your implementation.

An investment in a formal training programme will empower your team and the wider user community to fully exploit the software. Although often seen as an 'add-on' to an implementation, investment in training supports user adoption to unlock ROI on an EPM system.

Global implementations

We've delivered custom training for countless global implementations. It doesn't matter where your users are located or what training they need, talk to Keyteach about how we can support your implementation.

We'll help develop an all-inclusive education programme to address the following aims:

  • Comprehensive programme to ensure no competency gaps
  • Establish credibility for the implementation
  • Provide targeted investment in user learning and a consequential increase in market value for individuals
  • Synergy with individual development plans
  • Mindful education deployment to fit with the availability of users and the operational time restrictions of the business across the financial year
  • Cost-effective, yet compelling methodology to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders

Structured training solutions

Our education programmes offer fully customised business process-oriented content, delivered through a variety of mechanisms. Assessment and certification provide quantitative evidence that users know what they need to know.