VBScript for Hyperion Applications


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Administrators and Consultants that write or maintain script in HFM and Classic FDM

Cost: 24 month subscription

$575 USD


3 hours


Self-paced E-Learning (Flash Only Windows)

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E-Learning subscriptions are for a specific period of time for named users. E-Learning subscriptions are not transferrable to other users under any circumstances. Please read our terms and conditions before purchasing an E-Learning subscription.


Marcus Hemy

Course description

VBScript is fundamental for writing and maintaining HFM Rules and for scripting in Classic FDM. It's required for calculation, to tighten business process and to improve auditing and governance capabilities. This 3 hour self-paced online course provides an introduction for those with little or no knowledge of VBScript. Unlike other online training for VBScript that focuses on HTML for websites, this course is designed specifically for Oracle-Hyperion Administrators who need to write or maintain scripts in HFM or Classic FDM. This course is not appropriate for FDMEE.

Detailed course agenda