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What is FDM Classic?

FDM Classic is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool, used to import data from a source system (such as a ledger) and then transform and load the data to a target system such as HFM, Planning and Essbase. Mapping tables are used to perform these transformations, allowing data to be seamlessly transferred between the systems without the need for manual manipulation of files. It is a stand-alone application.

What is FDMEE?

FDMEE performs the same function as FDM Classic, but the underlying technology is different. FDMEE is more closely integrated with the Hyperion EPM suite and now resides within the Hyperion Workspace. Although it still uses mappings, these have been enhanced to allow a smaller number of more powerful transformations to be applied. Multiple source and target systems can now be handled within a single application and scripting capabilities have been enhanced.